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Application for a residence permit in Northern Cyprus explained in detail!

1. Mokhtar

First you have to go to the Mokhtar (which is the "mayor" of the region). There you will receive 2 letters per person of legal age. One is for the residence permit and one for opening a bank account. You must bring the following documents with you to this appointment:

⁃ the passports

⁃ The current rental contract (ideally with a term of 12 months) or the purchase contract for an existing property.

2. Bank account opening

In order to verify your financial independence, you need a bank account for each adult with at least €10,000 deposited (as of 10/2022). This is necessary to show that one has sufficient means to live on for a year. The following documents are required for this appointment:

⁃ Rental contract

⁃ The writing of the Mokhtar

⁃ Passports

⁃ Cash in lira for the account opening fee and liquid funds in euros or pounds if the amount is not to be transferred.

Important! There are only certain banks in North Cyprus where you can open an account without a residence permit!

3. Portal Registration

You need to register on the Residence Permit Portal page ( On this page you can check the current status of the residence at any time, pay the processing fees online and view the relevant dates. Only after registration do you get an appointment with the responsible police authority in the village.

4. Police appointment

The official residence application is submitted to the responsible police authority. The following documents are required for this appointment:

⁃ Passports of all adults and children

⁃ 2x stamps (you buy 2 stamps on site and have them stamped)

⁃ Rental agreement or purchase agreement (copy)

⁃ Writing from the Mokhtar

⁃ Marriage certificate (translated)

⁃ Deposit slip from the bank (€10,000)

⁃ Purchase Number (Northern Cyprus property ONLY)

You only get the purchase number if you have bought a property. To do this, the lawyer must submit the original German certificate of good conduct to the Registration Office in Nicosia.

5. Hospital

You can go to the medical center and donate blood without an appointment. It is tested for hepatitis ABCD, AIDS and syphilis. Only the passport of all adults is required for this date.

Now you have to be patient and update the page regularly!

7. Tax Office

If the "Tax Office" column has been enabled on the registration portal, you have to click on it and a mask opens with the payment request. After the fee has been paid, one has to refresh the page and the residence permit will be displayed and available for download.

Important! The payment process may not work with a mobile phone. It's best to try it on a computer right away!

BelleReve Properties offers its customers the application for a residence permit for the entire family free of charge as part of the after-sales service. Contact us and we will introduce you to our after-sales service in detail.



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