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The advantages of living in North Cyprus: A comparison with South Cyprus

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Living in North Cyprus has many advantages that set it apart from other regions in Europe. The beauty of nature and the pleasant Mediterranean climate make North Cyprus a popular destination for people who want to live in a peaceful environment.

One of the biggest advantages of living in North Cyprus is the unspoiled nature. The island is rich in picturesque beaches and bays, green mountains and valleys, and historical sites. There are also plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and swimming. This natural beauty makes North Cyprus an ideal destination for people looking for a quiet life surrounded by nature.

Another benefit of living in North Cyprus is its proximity to Turkey. The border is easily accessible and there are regular bus and flight connections, making it easy to visit Turkey and travel further from there. This offers the residents of Northern Cyprus the opportunity to explore the culture and history of Turkey, as well as to travel further from there.

In comparison, life in southern Cyprus, where the capital Nicosia is located, is more urban and there are many more tourists. There is also a higher standard of living and a greater choice of shopping and leisure activities. While South Cyprus is a good destination for people who prefer urban living, North Cyprus offers a relaxing and tranquil alternative for those who appreciate nature and rural life.

Another benefit of living in North Cyprus is that property prices are affordable compared to South Cyprus and other countries in Europe. It is possible to find a nice apartment or house at an affordable price. This makes North Cyprus a particularly attractive destination for people looking for property to live in or to rent.

Another benefit of living in North Cyprus is the development of the tourism industry. North Cyprus has seen a steady increase in tourism in recent years and there are more and more hotels, resorts and holiday apartments catering to tourists. This offers North Cyprus residents the opportunity to benefit from the growing tourism industry by renting out their properties or offering services.

Another benefit of living in North Cyprus is the opportunity to obtain a mortgage on an international basis. Most banks in North Cyprus offer mortgages to foreign buyers, making it easier for people from other countries to buy property in North Cyprus.

The political situation in North Cyprus is a complex issue, but the real estate market is considered to be a relatively stable environment. While there are restrictions on movement and transfer of ownership in certain areas, there are many areas that welcome foreign investors and buyers.

Another plus of living in North Cyprus is the cost of living. Compared to other countries in Europe, the cost of food, housing and leisure activities are affordable, making it an attractive destination for people looking for a good quality of life at an affordable price.

Overall, North Cyprus offers an attractive choice for those seeking a quiet life surrounded by nature while still having access to urban amenities. If you are interested in moving to North Cyprus, we recommend that you check the offers from BelleReve Properties. Our experienced real estate agents will help you find your dream home or apartment and are happy to answer any questions you may have about living in North Cyprus.



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