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How to buy and own a property in North Cyprus

Buying a property in North Cyprus can be challenging for foreign buyers as there are certain legal and bureaucratic requirements to be aware of. However, it is still possible to successfully buy a property in North Cyprus if you follow the right steps.

The first step in buying a property in North Cyprus is finding an experienced and reliable real estate agent who can help you through all steps of the buying process. BelleReve Properties is a leading real estate agent on the island and can help you find the perfect property to suit your needs and opportunities.

After you have found your dream property, you must submit an offer and sign the purchase contract. It is important here that you seek advice from a lawyer to ensure that all terms of the contract are fair and legally binding. The lawyer will also review the necessary documents such as the title transfer agreement and title deeds to ensure there are no ambiguities or impediments to the title transfer.

Another important step when buying a property in North Cyprus is paying the necessary fees and taxes. These include the real estate transfer tax, the registration fee for the land register and the notary fees. It is important that these fees are paid on time to ensure the buying process goes smoothly.

After the purchase is completed, you need to take care of registering the property in the land register. This step is important to ensure that the property is properly registered and that there are no property issues. The real estate agent and solicitor can assist you with this process.

Overall, while buying a property in North Cyprus does come with some challenges, it is still possible if you take the right steps. With the help of an experienced real estate agent such as BelleReve Immobilien and a solicitor, you can rest assured that the buying process will go smoothly and you will end up the proud owner of a beautiful property in North Cyprus.

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