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Immigration to Northern Cyprus: What you should know about the healthcare system

Immigrating to North Cyprus is an attractive move for many people looking to improve living standards and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean island. Whilst the processes of immigration and naturalization in North Cyprus have been simplified in recent years, there are some important factors to consider when planning your move, particularly in relation to the healthcare system. In this blog post we will focus on the healthcare system in North Cyprus and what you should consider when immigrating.

North Cyprus has a well-developed and modern healthcare system that can be used by both locals and foreigners. The healthcare system consists of a combination of state and private hospitals and clinics, as well as a network of resident doctors and specialists. The government facilities are usually free or low cost, while private facilities tend to have higher fees.

For immigrants planning to live in North Cyprus, there are a number of ways to get health insurance. One of the most popular options is private health insurance, which offers a wider range of benefits than government health insurance. While it's not mandatory to have private health insurance, it's a good idea for many people, as the cost of medical treatment in private clinics and hospitals is often higher than in government facilities.

Immigrants working in North Cyprus who are subject to taxes are automatically required to register and pay contributions to the National Health Insurance Fund. Immigrants who do not work, however, must voluntarily register for and pay contributions for state health insurance. There is also the option of private health insurance for people who do not plan to start work and do not want to use state health insurance. Private health insurance usually offers a wider range of medical services and faster treatment, as private clinics and hospitals often have more resources and staff. However, it is important to note that the cost of private health insurance is usually higher than the cost of government health insurance.

Another important factor when immigrating to North Cyprus is the availability of healthcare professionals. The healthcare system in North Cyprus has a large number of qualified doctors and healthcare professionals, including German-speaking doctors. However, it is important to note that the availability of healthcare professionals may be limited in certain areas, particularly in rural areas.

Another important issue when immigrating to North Cyprus is the availability of medicines. Although the healthcare system in North Cyprus is well equipped, there are occasional shortages of certain medicines. It is therefore important before you move to North Cyprus to ensure you have access to any medication you may need and to stock up if necessary.

In conclusion, immigrating to Northern Cyprus offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a higher quality of life and the pleasant Mediterranean climate. By paying attention to important factors such as the healthcare system, the availability of healthcare professionals and the availability of medication, you can ensure that your North Cyprus immigration experience is a successful and hassle-free one. BelleReve Immobilien is always ready to help you with finding the right property and with any questions you may have about North Cyprus immigration.



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