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The possibilities of settlement and citizenship in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus, also known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is a territory on the island of Cyprus recognized only by Turkey and is not part of the European Union (EU). Nonetheless, there is a strong presence of EU citizens who come to work, live and invest there. An important question for these EU citizens is what are the possibilities to settle in North Cyprus and get Turkish citizenship.

One way to settle in North Cyprus is to apply for a residence permit. This is usually issued for a period of one year and can be extended. To get a residence permit, EU citizens must meet certain requirements, such as housing, a job or a confirmed deposit on a property. It is also possible to obtain a residence permit when starting a business in North Cyprus.

Another way to settle in Northern Cyprus is to obtain Turkish citizenship. This can be achieved by meeting the necessary requirements and applying for Turkish citizenship. The requirements for this may vary depending on the case, but the most common are a five-year residence permit, knowledge of the Turkish language, a good knowledge of Turkish society and culture, and approval from the Turkish government.

BelleReve Immobilien has specialized in brokering real estate in North Cyprus and offers its customers comprehensive advice and support when buying, selling or renting real estate. Through our experience and knowledge of the local property market and the relevant immigration and citizenship regulations, we are able to offer our clients a safe and successful investment in North Cyprus.



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