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North Cyprus long term stay check list

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

If you want to move to Northern Cyprus in the long term, you should be sure that you have all the necessary documents with you and that all the essential precautions have been taken in Germany. In this regard, we have created a check list for you:

🔸 Check your passport for validity. Possibly apply for new passports for the whole family.

🔸 Check if you have all important documents at hand, such as: birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of conduct.

🔸 Cancel, sell or rent property in Germany and thus also cancel the associated contracts such as: insurance, radio, electricity, water and telephone connection.

🔸 Dissolve household / take it with you.

🔸 Cancel / pause insurance.

🔸 Cancel or deregister from school/daycare. If you do not deregister from Germany, apply for a school exemption from the 1st class.

🔸 Notify employers in good time whether you want to terminate your employment, take a sabbatical or work from home. Deregister the business if you are self-employed.

🔸 Cancel all subscriptions/contracts, e.g. B. sports clubs or mobile phone contracts.

🔸 Apply for a forwarding order from the post office (if you have not deregistered from Germany).

🔸 Sell and deregister car / cars. If necessary, transfer of the car to North Cyprus.

🔸 We recommend Wise as a cheap payment option. Apply for it in Germany and have it activated.

🔸 Observe transport of pets, vaccinations of animals and country-specific regulations.

🔸 Last health check at the doctor. Children's underground examination.

With this check list you are well prepared for the North Cyprus adventure. So that there is no rude awakening on site, BelleReve Properties is at your side and will help you not only in matters of real estate, but also in the areas of: residence permit, school, daycare, driver's license and much more!

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