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The different types of property that can be found in North Cyprus

North Cyprus offers a variety of property options for investors and buyers, from apartments and townhouses to villas and plots. Each property type has its own advantages and suitability for different needs and opportunities.

One of the most popular property types in North Cyprus are holiday rentals and holiday homes. These properties are perfect for those looking for an additional source of income through tourist rentals. There are many developed residential areas and facilities such as golf courses and marinas that cater to foreign buyers and investors and can prove to be a good source of rental income.

Another popular property type in North Cyprus is villas. These properties are perfect for those looking for more living space and their own garden. There are many villas located in popular areas like Kyrenia and Esentepe, surrounded by the natural beauty and Mediterranean climate.

Townhouses are another popular property type in North Cyprus. These properties are perfect for those looking for a more compact living space but still want to benefit from being close to town centers and amenities. There are many townhouses in popular areas like Alsancak and Famagusta.

For those looking to buy a property to build on, plots of land are an attractive option. There are many plots of land in North Cyprus suitable for building a residential property or holiday home. They can be found in popular areas such as Kyrenia and Esentepe and offer the opportunity to design your own property according to your wishes and needs.

It is important to note that there are restrictions on movement and transfer of ownership in certain areas. It is therefore important to seek advice from experienced real estate professionals such as BelleReve Immobilien to ensure that the property chosen is in a suitable area and that the purchase process is carried out in a legally and bureaucratically correct manner.

Another important factor to consider when choosing the right type of property is location. There are many popular places in North Cyprus that are known for their beauty, nature and culture such as Kyrenia, Famagusta and Esentepe. It is also important to consider the proximity to shopping centers, restaurants, beaches and other facilities.

BelleReve Immobilien is an experienced real estate agent who can help you find the right property type for your needs and opportunities. We have a wide range of property options for both investors and buyers waiting to be discovered. Contact us today to find your dream property in North Cyprus.

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